What we have incubated in Entertainment games



In the year 2210, racing has evolved far beyond its expected limits. New terraforming capabilities paired with scientific breakthroughs in the field of antigravity have given birth to a new spectacle: the Antigraviator tournament. In Antigraviator, players will race on exquisitely detailed stages, full of light-speed danger, chaos and mayhem. Gamers will guide their Grav in three gameplay modes across four different worlds with three tracks each. These dynamic courses come to life, while pushing the power of Unity to the limit.


Blazing sails

Blazing Sails is a 3rd person multiplayer pirate action game.
The core of the game is working together on an awesome pirate ship to win the match. The main game mode is last crew standing but in the future there will be more of em like capture ye olde booty.


Project tundra

Project tundra is an atmospheric adventure game that intends to compete with Inside, limbo and the like. A graduation work from a top team within Howest DAE growing up to be a first title for a new studio.


Project Reject

Salty Lemon Entertainment is an independent game development studio based in Belgium. With their projects they aim to innovate on the current genres in the industry. They are passionate about games, and strive to create the games they would like to play. That’s why they try to maintain as much creative freedom as possible by being self funded. This allows them to freely develop their own vision when working on projects.